a Lenten discipline …

As I played the Ash Wednesday service last evening, and received my ashes, I remember being a youngster in a very Roman Catholic community.  Those of us with the clean foreheads on Ash Wednesday were identified as the Protestants as surely as if we had the name Presbyterian tattooed on our foreheads!  In those days, […]

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a thinking faith … is it possible …

Over my years as a church employee in three main-line Protestant denominations, I have pondered the question as to why this magnificent tradition is on the decline.  I look at Pine Street Church … and, frankly, what is there not to like … even love …about it?  On the surface level, one would think that […]

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immersion …

The fine sermon of the Rev. Heather M. Sigler from the Pine Street pulpit last Sunday morning got me thinking.  This, of course, is the sign of a good sermon … it makes us think.  I started thinking about the Baptism of the Lord … the subject of her sermon … and the idea of […]

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Christmas … brought to you by …

Over the past month, I’ve had many folks come up to me and thank those of us in the music program for the lovely music we provide during this time of the year. And I’m always grateful for the nod.  It means a lot to have folks realize that this just doesn’t happen magically.  It’s […]

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two holidays …

At this time of the year, I start to get uneasy.  I’m not particularly fond of Xmas, you see.  And I don’t mean I don’t like Christmas … but I don’t like Xmas.  In my mind, these are two different holidays … one secular and one sacred.  Unlike Easter where the Bunny never has become […]

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singing …

As a youngster, I always looked forward to the days around March 1 … St. David’s Day, patron saint of Wales.  It was around this time of the year that the Welsh Presbyterian Church a few blocks from our house had their annual Gymanfa Ganu … no, it’s not a kind of exotic sushi!  A […]

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no grandchildren …

If you have read this blog in the past, you will know that as a youngster I had an interesting mix of viewpoints that helped to form my Christian faith.  In high school, particularly, I chose to hang around with a crowd that was considerably more conservative than my Episcopal/Presbyterian upbringing.  One phrase I often […]

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breaking bread …

When Denise and I were first married, I remember our having a conversation about going out to dinner.  I had said, “Oh, let’s ditch cooking and just go out.  We deserve it.”  She replied, “Just remember, don’t ask me out to dinner if you don’t mean it … because I will always take you up […]

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there is water in the font …

Last week I was away … on vacation.  It was a very special visit to Danville, Kentucky where our daughter, Jill, her husband Dan and our eight month old grandson, Jamie live.  And the reason for the visit was Jamie’s baptism.  It was a great week and the culmination was the sacrament itself … administered […]

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hymnals …

I remember well, as I watched from the safe distance of a United Methodist congregation, the hubbub that was generated around the the replacement of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church with the revised Prayer Book, 1979.  There was much ado regarding the revised liturgy which even in its most conservative […]

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