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Sunday School Classes

All classes are held on Sunday mornings 8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.


Interested in an encounter with the Christian faith that helps you grow in knowledge and belief?  Or maybe you’ve been in church awhile and you are seeking a fresh encounter with the Christian faith?  We want to invite you to a new Sunday morning class and an experience that will help to foster that kind of encounter. During the course of this year, the class will meet for dinner and watch a film, which will then be discusses on Sundays about how we encounter questions of faith and God using clips from the film as a starting point for discussions. Come for a new experience in faith and fellowship, life and learning!


Ekklesia is an open, discussion-oriented group that encourages all members to discuss their understanding of the Christian faith as seen through reformed theology and are encouraged to express their beliefs, viewpoints, confusions and doubts. Members have a wide and diverse church background and range in age from their late 40s to early 60s. Teachers are volunteer members of the class who select lessons from a wide range of topics with approval by the class. There are various social activities during the year.


The Discover class was formed in 1995 by members who had recently joined the church and some long-time members who had not yet joined a class. Discovery class members come from a diverse church background. Some are returning to church after a time away from things spiritual. Some came from other faith traditions. A few are long-time Presbyterians. Their curriculum is varied, having studied Christian Beliefs for those who wanted a foundation, Women of the Old Testament, Christian Disciplines, Meeting Jesus, Reformed Spirituality, and Jesus’ Claims-Our Promises.  Volunteer leaders serve as facilitators to initiate and encourage discussion. The group is open-minded, accepting ideas of others, and willing to learn. The class gathers for fellowship at members’ homes and spends every fifth Sunday just to socialize.


The warm, welcoming “silver haired” members of this class have been meeting weekly since 1940. Class begins with old hymns, reading of the selected scripture, and prayer.  Church volunteers are recruited to lead the class in the weekly study from the Adult Cooperative Uniform Lesson series, The Present Word. The style varies from lecture to discussion, depending on the preference of the teacher that week. One of the traditional events of the class is the Spring Luncheon.


The class derived its name from its founding on the 100th anniversary of Pine Street in 1958. Since its formation, the class has enjoyed frank and open discussions around the challenging and inspirational topics they discuss. A committee of the class selects the curriculum, which is delivered by instructors from both inside and outside the class, ensuring that each topic is addressed in a scholarly and thorough manner. This group of pleasant and mature couples and singles invites you to join them each Sunday morning and to participate in the fall class dinner as well as the annual wine and cheese party.

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